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Your Purchase Is Impacting Lives Worldwide!

Helping children reach their potential is the corner-stone of Grow Kids Minds.

Helping them improve their thoughts, words and behaviours on a daily basis, is what motivated us to create our signature Growth Mindset Journal and all subsequent journals.

We advocate kindness, responsibility, giving and gratitude and we love to DO what what we teach!

Grow Kid's Minds are proudly partnered with the giving program Buy1Give1 (B1G1).

Our aim is to have small impacts that create the ripple effect of huge change for good!

Each journal you purchase will impact the quality of your child's mindset and wellbeing, while also creating huge impact by improving the lives of children and their families both at home and around the world.

Each and Every purchase you make on our store triggers us to make an immediate act of giving for a worthy cause that is aligned with one of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (the things we need to improve to keep the Earth alive for future generations).

When you purchase a journal from us you enable...
  • A child in Cambodia to receive a library book
  • Students in India receive access to e-learning
  • Disadvantaged children in the UK receive music education
Together we can help change the world in a meaningful way...

with Love & Gratitude,
- Lisa & Grow Kid's Minds team